1.) One who acts without moral restraint; a dissolute person.
2.) One who defies established religious precepts; a freethinker.


now printing

latest project: bottled up

printing through: radio comix

in anthology: dangerous #3

with special assist: toning pages 4-14 by tammylee

though he hates to admit it, wanna-be knight sorrell has a bit of a problem. he has no(t too much of a) problem picking up the ladies, but scoring with them is an entirely different matter: his willy isn't willing! pushed to desperate measures, he finds himself leaving the local apocathary with a mysterious "bottled spirit" in hand...

sorrell concept | vii concept

glimpse in progress
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who? what? when? where?

the libertines are writer taffi holiday and artist pluto. they've worked together sporadically since 2001 when they collaborated on ode to a one night stand for shonen hump volume 1 (reprinted in dangerous #1, radio comix).

since then they've worked on a tale of koi and lotus (shonen hump volume 2) and bottled up (dangerous #3, radio comix). they think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

you can reach the libertines at libertines (at) thatdamncat (dot) com.

about taffi holiday

taffi holiday has aspirations of becoming a kept woman with a fleet of toned houseboys at her beck and call. Until then, she'll settle for being a pervert of note.

When not wallowing in smut, she spends her time coveting pluto's talent as a writer/artist/designer. She's an amazing creator in her own right and is quite the shizzle, yo.

Platinum respect to tammylee for all her help, radio comix for their support, and all the independent yaoi creators, studios, gamers and think tanks for their inspiration.

more about taffi coming soon...!

about pluto

pluto has ambitious dreams about becoming a cowboy upon reaching an adult state of being. however, since maturity seems unattainable, she currently spends her time drawing, writing and occasionally, cat herding. she is a member of umbrella studios, and has been a part of many amateur comics anthologies. she should also be going to porn fiends anonymous, but thinks it's perhaps too late for that.

pluto would like to give a generous salute to vgcats, foxysquid's "fox and friends" autobiographical comics and to tammylee, all of whom influenced the art in bottled up! she also wants to say that taffi has nothing to covet, being a talented writer/artist/designer herself.

find out more about pluto here!

content © 2001-2004 taffi holiday & pluto. no part of this webpage may be reproduced without permission except for review purposes. really, we're nice, just drop us a line at libertines at thatdamncat <3